vista mare otranto
otranto vista dall'alto

« In Otranto is not difficult to feel invisible and you can have the illusion you’re walking on the ramparts as a Ghost » Roberto Cotroneo

Otranto, is situated on the Adriatic coast of the Salento’s peninsula, is the most eastern village in Italy. The Otranto City is quite a symbol of Salento Identity . A little but very famous city, intensively rich of History, Art and Landscapes which talk about the whole local identity.

Moreover, don’t forget that Otranto was the main Centre of the area in Roman period, its port was a crucial point for merchant trade with east lands, as well as a place of transits and conquests. Read more…

Giurdignano is a town deeply marked by the esoteric and mysterious charm of the past, which has consigned over twenty menhirs and several dolmens, which make the town a vivid and detailed manifestation of the cultures and populations that preceded us. These are the first forms of prehistoric art, findings rich in symbolism and seduction still filled with secrets. Dolmen and menhir conceal and unveil at the same time the relationship between Neolithic and Divinity man, monuments made with rudimentary techniques and transcendent spirit to propitiate the fertility of the land and celebrate the earliest funeral manifestations, in a distant past millenniums but that in Giurdignano is still you can breathe.
In a frame wrapped in the suggestion of a distant past that after millennia is preserved intact today, our farm in Otranto offers a unique experience, a journey able to involve all five senses exploring the local culture in a total.

Il Menhir di San Paolo di Giurdignano