If you’re planning a vacation in Salento and intend to sleep in Otranto, you can’t just spend days on the beach!
Vista OtrantoOtranto is undoubtedly a coastal town with stunning beaches. There’s no doubt about the beauty and relaxation of spending a day by the sea. However, Otranto offers much more: there are many other experiences to live and treasures to admire.The Otranto area is a fascinating territory characterized by extraordinary natural beauty.

This coastal town not only offers breathtaking beaches, but it’s also rich in history, culture, and culinary delights capable of making a stay unforgettable. And while a relaxing day at the beach can certainly be enticing, Otranto offers much more to enrich your experience.

History and Culture

The Otranto area boasts a rich and fascinating history. It has been a crossroads of cultures since ancient times, with Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, and other influences.

  • Historic Center: the labyrinth of alleys that makes up the historic center, with its white houses and stone streets, represents a special and fascinating place;Porto di Otranto
  • The Castle of Otranto is one of the most fascinating places to explore, with its imposing walls, it bears witness to its tumultuous history. Dating back to the Aragonese period, this majestic castle offers a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding sea. Inside, you can immerse yourself in the region’s history through exhibitions and historical artifacts.Cattedrale di Otranto
  • The Cathedral of Otranto, famous for the mosaic enriching its floor and the Crypt that houses the bones of over 800 Martyr Saints who sacrificed themselves for their religion and for the defense of their country. A place steeped in mystery and spirituality, which will leave you speechless;
  • Bauxite Quarry: an ancient quarry from which bauxite was extracted and which today offers an unexpected spectacle of colors, with an emerald green lake and rust-red rocks;
  • Punta Palascia Lighthouse: located just outside Otranto, it is the easternmost lighthouse in Italy.

These are just some of the sites worth visiting; in addition to these sites, Otranto boasts a significant artistic and historical treasure thanks to the numerous cultures that have influenced it over the centuries, making it a magical place with a thousand facets.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re passionate about outdoor activities, Otranto won’t disappoint you; it offers numerous alternatives:

  • Rural Life. Otranto is dotted with various Agriturismos and educational Farms where you can rediscover old recipes, old flavors, and non-industrial agricultural practices lost today, through activities and courses that will also allow a reconnection with nature and with the true local culture;
  • Archaeology?! If you’re fascinated by antiquity, you can visit Giurdignano, a small village next to Otranto, recognized as the “Megalithic Garden” thanks to the large number of Dolmens and Menhirs that stand in it;
  • Boat Trips! There are numerous companies that organize boat excursions along the coast to discover hidden coves and breathtaking sea caves;
  • Cava di BauxiteOutdoor Walks and Cycling! If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, excursions and walks along coastal paths offer spectacular views and an immersive experience in the region’s wild nature. There are various paths specially created to accompany walkers on their journeys of discovery of the hinterland.There are then plenty of tourist guides and also smartphone applications that plan suitable routes and accompany the hiker in his exploration, also providing information on the various destinations visited.


Food and Wine

After a day of exploration, you can immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Salento cuisine. In local restaurants, you can delight your palate with a wide range of specialties based on fresh fish and many traditional recipes prepared with local products; every meal will be an unforgettable culinary journey.
And what is dinner without a glass of local wine? Salento is renowned for its wine production, and Otranto is no exception. Among the typical wines, we cannot fail to mention Negroamaro, with its robust and fruity character, and Primitivo; also worth mentioning are the freshness of Fiano and the refinement of Susumaniello. With each sip, they will delight your palate with the typical flavors of the tradition of this land.
From cozy trattorias to gourmet restaurants, the culinary experience of Otranto will leave an indelible memory and will invite you to return to discover always new delights.


In summary, Sleeping in Otranto is not just about beaches and sun, but about exploration, discovery, adventure, and culinary delights. This is a coastal town capable of offering a complete experience, rich in history, culture, and outdoor adventures. From the charm of the historic center to the mystery of the Cathedral, from boat trips to rediscovering rural life, Otranto will surprise you at every step.
Otranto can be much more than a beach destination; sleeping in Otranto means immersing yourself in an unforgettable journey of discovering hidden treasures and authentic experiences.