Il Megalite is a farmhouse where all the products served at the table are produced with dedication, traditional methods and passion for genuineness: vegetables, cheeses, pasta and meats are obtained naturally, guaranteeing excellent flavours, and healthy farm-to-table foods. At breakfast and at dinner, the farm products in Otranto will be ready on the table to be savoured and tasted. The company’s belief is expressed in a system that integrates perfectly with the environment; by using solar panels for the energy, and the stylistic choices best harmonized with the context. The company fits balanced in the landscape, becoming an integral part of it.

Dairy production


Agriturismo Il Megalite produces cheeses and dairy products, guaranteeing refined flavours and farm-to-table products.



We are in a wonderful land, Puglia, let yourself be carried away by our colours and tastes.

In contact with the nature


Live a unique experience, giving yourself a day of relaxation as a couple or with your children.

disegno megalite

Agriturismo Il Megalite is located in Giudignano, a beautiful village considered “Megalithic Garden Of Italy” thanks to the large number of Megaliths in it and to which the Agriturismo dedicates its name.
It is located in a strategic point to concentrate in a single trip: history, culture, art, gastronomy, relaxation, unforgettable landscapes and rediscovery of roots and traditions.
Its location just a few steps from Otranto, the easternmost town in Italy, allows it to be perfect both for those who want to spend a vacation immersed in the crystal-clear waters of the Otrantini seas and for those who prefer a vacation dedicated to the discovery of gems such as Lecce, Gallipoli, Ugento, Castro, Santa Maria di Leuca, which make the Salento area truly unique and magnificent.