Located on the ground floor, the Agriturismo Il Megalite Restaurant will take you to discover and rediscover genuine, traditional and healthy flavours of the farm-to-table products.

The philosophy of our farm in Otranto is to defend a tradition that has been carried out for generations, using the most friendly methods which respects the environment and its needs. This is represented by an organization that: 1- respects nature, 2- defends the products from the contamination of large retailers, 3- creates a green working methodology and protects the genuineness of the final product.

Different kinds of seasonal vegetables, our farm’s typical local products, cheeses and dairy products (such as mozzarella, burrata, scamorza), pork and beef meats, homemade products such as pasta and bread; every dish served here is the bearer of the most deeply rooted rural values. Values that we transmit even to the smallest of the company, through activities that bring children and young people together to collect, prepare and store the raw materials produced on our farm in Otranto.