The Alimini lakes are two lakes that are part of the protected Oasis of the Alimini Lakes. The two lakes are connected by a canal called Lu Strittu. Alimini Grande has been generated by the continuous erosion of the rocks by the sea, and extends in length for about 2.5 km and has a depth of about 4 meters. The basin of Alimini Grande is almost completely surrounded by a rocky strip, richly covered by thick pinewoods and Mediterranean scrub. The northern section, called the Palude Traguano, is almost low and sandy; here there are numerous springs, including the main one called Zudrea which feeds the lake and the sea.
The percentage of salinity of the lake is almost the same value as that of the sea, because precisely, the sea flows into it. The depths of the lake are rich in mollusks and a large part of the seabed is rich in Ruppia maritima. Alimini Piccolo is generated by numerous springs of fresh water, and is also called Fontanelle. It extends in length for about 2 km and the depth does not exceed one and a half meters. The lake, which has low and flat banks, is fed by the water table of the Rio Grande canal, which in turn is generated by the numerous springs present in the nearby Serra di Montevergine. The waters of the lake are almost always sweet, but during the summer season, with the phenomenon of water evaporation, the lake tends to become saline.